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Can't start nsh of nuttx on STM32F429IDisco

Question asked by Iqbal Hossain on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Gregory Nutt

I am trying to run nuttx on STM32F429IDisco device. I am following tutorial from nuttx official channel on youtube. Few days ago i was not able to start minicom. But after some study i was able to start it, using /dev/stlinkv2_2. linux - Minicom is not starting - Stack Overflow  

Anyway, at this moment i am stuck at very next step. My minicom have succesfully started but i can't start nsh to run my programs by clicking reset button. 

Can anybody tell me what is the wrong i have done ? stlinkv2_2 isn't right way to setup device? or any other mistake? 
My development Environment: Ubuntu 16.04