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STM32F7 USB library supporting multi-packet mode

Question asked by fortune.jean_pierre on Aug 15, 2017
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I need high USB bandwidth in isochronous mode. The STM32F7 is powerful but the bandwidth depends on how the USB packet management is done.


Is there a plan to support multi-packet mode in the HAL/lib/driver that come with STM32CubeMX?


The USB standard allows up to 3 packets per interval [3 x 1024 bytes every 125 μs in high speed].


This feature is supported in the "USB On-The-Go Host and Device Library", but it targets only F1/2/3/4 devices and is not easy to mix with CubeMX code.


An equivalent of DCD_EP_Tx, DCD_EP_PrepareRx, and so on. (with DMA support) in the LL layer produced by CubeMX would be ideal.


Thanks for your help.