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LIS2DE12 Interrupt configs, Offset correction and ...

Question asked by fallah.omid on Aug 15, 2017
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I'm trying to use LIS2DE12 for position recognition of device, but i faced some strange problems !


1- I didn't find any solution to correct the offset values of X Y Z dimensions ! i.e after soldering the chip, when my device is on a flat surface which X and Y shod be 0 and Z = g, there is some offset (because of mechanical placement of chip or board in device). i.e X = 4, Y = -3 . now i want to adjust X dimension to interrupt after + - 15 degrees movement, but the problem i face is, i can only set one value for both plus and minus values ! means i can't set -4 Threshold and +14 THS !

I only can set i.e 10 in THS register, so X will interrupt on +10 or -10. because of the mechanical offset error, device will interrupt after 6 (4 to 10) steps on positive side but -14 (4 to -10) steps on negative side !

how can i solve this issue ?

i like to be able to set different values for upper or lower values ...


another problem is i didn't see any way to set different values for each dimension interrupts !

I think it's strange, not to be able to set different thresholds for different dimensions !  so what should i do if i want to set 10 THS for X, 20 THS for Y, and 80 for Z i.e ?!!!


I think those are important limitations which couldn't be much problem to enable them in chip design ...