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L6482: Right value of R sense, for 3A stepper motors?

Question asked by ramirez_prieto.valen on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by ramirez_prieto.valen


I am using "L6482H discovery board" design example for L6482 chip, for making my own pcb board, using the same mosfets, etc.


At this moment, my board runs really well with 2A stepper motors and 80 mili-ohm R sense resistors. Both commands, Move (DIR, N_STEP) and Run (DIR, SPD),  run very well.


But when I use Run (DIR, SPD) command with 3A stepper motors, stepper motors almost do not have any torque, and it is easy to block the axis. Only at very low speed they have some  torque.


I understand I have to change my R sense values, but I am not sure the way of calculating this value for 3A stepper motors.


Please, what is the way of calculating the right value of R sense?


Thanks in advance,