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How to use UART1 in STM32F429-DISC1 board?

Question asked by Ivan Ivan on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by Harsha Sandirigama

Hello, I'm developing some program using STM32F429-DISC1 board and I need to use UART1 there. I'm little confused, because UART1 sort of overlaps STLINK circuits.

Part of diagram 10 of STLINK circuits

To be more specific, PA9 and PA10 from STM32F429 go to STM32F103 supplementary controller (which manages debugging on board), as seen in Figure 10 of Board manual. What would happen if I define PA9 and PA10 of STM32F429 to use alternative function? I don't want to lose debugging functionality. Is it required to remove SB15 and SB11 to use UART1?