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WWGD Debugging dese not work

Question asked by Tadahiro Takase on Aug 14, 2017

PS2: I found my mistake that is Window value and Reload value are NOT set correctly. So questions are deleted.  Thank you.


Attachment is a project which I reworked WWDG_Example of STM32F072RB-Nucleo (STM32Cube_FW_F0_V1.8.0) with STM32CubeMX. I use SW4STM32 IDE.

Question 1:

After compile this project, board debugging (F8) is not possible. That is debugger stopped at HAL_Init().

Commenting only main.c WWDG_API (L93, L128) will work normally (F8 works).

Please teach me why, I cannot understand.

Question 2:

HAL_WWGD_Start () is missing in HAL Library.

Is it WWDG start automatically after HAL_WWDG_Init ()?


PS: These are the same troubles, even if I change WWDG_Example to IWDG_Example.

Thank you very much in advance.