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Virtual Serial port for STLink V2

Question asked by gopi natarajan on Aug 12, 2017

As I mentioned in the subject, I would like to know whether STLink V2's firmware can be updated to support Virtual COM port as like the STLink V2-1 (STLink V2-A) supports. I have two STM32F development boards namely STM32F072 (STLink v2.0) Discovery board and the STM32F07VG (STLink V2-1) Discovery board. The latter board supports Virtual COM Port (VCP) whilst the former board doesn't. I went through the schematics of both the hardware and came to know that the ST-Link section of both the boards was almost same except the transistor circuit connected with the D+ pin of STLink USB connector. If I am correct, it will be possible to enable VCP feature in STLink V2.0 by making some work around in firmware. 

So, Please explain whether it is possible to enable VCP in STLink V2. If it has been already done, please send me links firmware updation process.


Also, I would like to know what is the max baud rate that VCP of STLink V2-1 supports. Since, to me, 115200 is quite slow for serial debugging. Note: As per my test results, the VCP works fine till 115200bps and collapses (Junk data in PC's terminal) beyond this limit.