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I2C between STM32F411 (MASTER) and STM32F103 (SLAVE)

Question asked by Gary Rubin on Aug 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Gary Rubin

Greets All,


I am trying to set up I2C communications between a nucleo STM32F411RE board (as master) and a STM32F103C8T6 Blue Pill board (as slave). I am using cubeMX and Keil. I also want to use DMA. I want to set this up so I can test I2C Slave operations with the STM32F103, and once successful, port the master (STM32F411RE) to an RPI Zero. This way, I can isolate any issues to the RPI Python programming instead of trying to debug two systems. 


What I am looking for is example code so I can see how it is implemented. This is not a production run, but for my home use. The goal is to use the RPI Zero with the STM32F103 to add wifi enabled nodes to my home projects via web interfaces. So far, and I have googled a lot on this, I have not been able to find any code to study. 


Any links to code of working systems that use this implementation would certainly be appreciated! 


I also have a Rigol 1054z scope with (kind of) I2C decode features. 


Again, any help I can get pointing me in the right direction would be awesome.


Thank you for your time and consideration!!