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SPI Full duplex application

Question asked by miz.eldad on Feb 25, 2012
Hi good people,

I use my MCU as an SPI slave module.

application description:
It is connected to an SPI generator which sends 8 different words(each word is 16 clks) repeatedly. (1Mhz) : 0x0001, 0x0002,..., 0x0008,0x001,0x0002,...

every time i receive 0x0002 , i need to send on the next cycle 0x0800
every time i receive 0x0003 , i need to send on the next cycle 0x0400

My system clock is 24MHZ so i want the application to be as fast as it can.

Can you give me a hint how can i implement it (use IRQs , polling ?  )
 some example code can  really help me..
thanx! :)