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STM32F100VCT6 and PB3

Question asked by Rick Hamilton on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2017 by Rick Hamilton

Hi All.

On my latest project I am using STM32F100VCT6 and PB3.  I am using this Pin as a quadrature encoder input for Timer 2 combined with PA15.  I can not get the encoder to work.  I tried setting PB3 up as an interrupt and it does not work, but PA15 does, I then tried setting PB3 as a GPIO and it does not work and PA15 does?????  I thought the CPU was faulty so swapped it and still noting from PB3.  The input signal is 5V peak to peak, but the datasheet states that pin is 5 Volt tolerant . 


I have produced more than 20 designs using various STM32 processors never had this problem before.