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STM32746G RTC problem

Question asked by gopale.nikhil on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2017 by STOne -32

Hi Everyone,


I am working on RTC with stm32f746g controller. I tried number of option but i am not getting accurate time.

After some time rtc is getting lag of 4 to 5 seconds and it keep on lagging in time.

I am using 32.768khz exteranl crystal with 24pf capacitors.

I tried by changing this capacitors value 22pf,15pf,10pf also but still my problem is not solved.

I did internal rtc calibration also to minimize this error by changing prescaler values but still i am getting time lag.

Can anyone suggest me any other option which will work out and i will get accurate time?