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Running functions out of RAM

Question asked by Aakash Menon on Aug 10, 2017

Hello all,

I am working on porting code from IAR EWARM to Atollic Truestudio (based on GNU ARM toolchain) for STM32F103RD microcontroller. I have a few questions regarding porting of __ramfunc to Atollic.
I have added __attribute__((long_call,section(".RAMFN"))) to all function prototypes and definitions that need to be run out of RAM and modified the linker script to
  {    . = ALIGN(4);    _sdata = .;        /* create a global symbol at data start */    *(.data)           /* .data sections */    
*(.data*)          /* .data* sections */
  . = ALIGN(4);   
_ramfn_start = .; 
_ramfn_end = .;
    _edata = .;        /* define a global symbol at data end */
However, I am not sure if/how the startup file needs to be modified to complete this port. It would be great if you could help me with this issue.