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STM32L432 Nucleo32 Bootloader/Flash Loader

Question asked by Petros Petrou on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by Imen D

I am testing the Flash Loader Demontrator app with the STM32L432 Nucleo32 board.

I  removed SB12 and pulled Boot0 to VDD.

I connect my serial port to USART1.

The app is giving me "Target is Readable" message with green traffic light logo. "remove protection" button is greyed out (as in there is no protection)

On the next screen however there is no device available on the drop down list and no information on the memory map. Everything is empty.

As a test I press next and select erase everything and I get a failure because "device is read protected"


Any idea how to fix this? How do I remove read protection?