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BIN File copy to Nucleo board under Windows 10

Question asked by Jim Sytniak on Aug 9, 2017

I'm trying to recreate my development environment on a new laptop and have run into a strange issue.

I've loaded up the latest eclipse, uc plugins, java 8, cross compile toolchain, st-link driver, etc. on a windows 10 64 bit computer and everything seems to work fine except when i try to drag and drop my *.bin file over to the "NODE_F030R8" folder. The LED blinks but something must be going wrong because the code doesn't seem to run. If I copy it a second time, I get a warning about overwriting the file, which I agree to, and this time it always works -


Anyone else seeing this?


I've tried going back to earlier versions of several pieces of the environment but nothing fixes it.


Using the eclipse debugger or flashing it with openocd works fine -