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M24LR I2C pins driven low will RFID mode still work

Question asked by Andrew Lohmann on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by NFC software support 3

My application will use NFC to either

  1. As a passive means of reading an identifier and to store or collect some simple information when a battery is discharged. In this case the I2C bus will be low. Also report that the battery condition.
  2. As a passive or powered means of doing the above plus pass information such as BlueTooth and Long range wireless keys transferred via IC2. Perhaps use NFC for some debugging as well.

I appreciate that I2C may need 10 clocks or something to recover from being in the wrong mode. That is fine.


  • My question is in (1) will the NFC operate correctly as a passive NFC device. That is with the I2C but pin held low during normal operation?