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STEVAL-PCC009V2 firmware reflash

Question asked by yong on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by dimarco.gianfranco

I have STEVAL-PC009V2 communication board for the L6470 evaluation purposes. I saw some posts found bugs on either communication board or PC software during the evaluation therefore I went to the website and download a SW driver package (.zip file)

after extracted, I run the IBUUI Updater.exe in IBUUI Updater directory to perform firmware update. At the last stage, it become no-responsive for almost 15 mins and I believe the software is failed to update the firmware and therefore I unplug my device. Then it causes my communication board completely erased. I have no extra communication board available to continue evaluate L6470 driver. So basically, I am stuck!

Can anyone here to help me restore this communication board firmware? I saw there is a hex file called, IBUUI_V2.hex from STEVAL-PCC009V2 firmware and is this the hex file to restore its firmware?


I have latest IAR installed and I have j-link JTAG but I have no idea how to load this hex into the communication board. Please help me on this?