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ST MCWB BusVoltageSensor error

Question asked by Daniel Husztikd on Aug 9, 2017

Hi. I am using MCWB with FOC 4.3. with STSPIN32F0 eval board.  I am trying to switch on the bus voltage sensing. When I set it in the WB, compile and upload, it always randomly pops under or overvoltage error. I can read the voltage, and it is truly under (6v) or over (58v) the treshold (which is wrong, because it should be 24v) , but can not start the motor. (The nominal voltage is 24 V)   I can measure the divided bus voltage with its own ADC (but I can not use it separately, since it needs the ADC channels to drive the motor with different setup) . It is not an error of wrong parameters, I checked the Drive and Power stage sections both. 

Why is this error occuring to me, and what can I do, to determine the source of it? It seems to me, that the busvoltagesensor class is not working, because it reads the bus voltage, but that voltage is wrong. What can I do about it?