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STM32L1 internal temperature

Question asked by Brice_38 on Aug 9, 2017
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I use a STM32L151RCT6 on a custom board and i want to read the internal temperature.
In the cube library I found an exemple using the LL library so I included the ll_adc driver in my code and tried to use it.


When I use the macro __LL_ADC_CALC_TEMPERATURE , i get a temperature of 425°C !! I know it's summer but that's a bit too hot


After some debuging, I read the calibration value at 30°C and 110°C : 668 and 846
I also read my raw adc value and get 1547

So the 425°C is "correct" regarding the calibration value but I think that the calibrations values are incorrect.


Any idea why ? and how to fix this ?
I don't need an accurate measure (5°C range will be sufficient)