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EEPROM endurance, calculation of EEPROM writing cycles

Question asked by M F on Aug 8, 2017
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Hi all,


How is calculated the number of times that a certain byte of the internal STM32(L0) EEPROM is written in the following situation?


1 - The firmware writes a byte in EEPROM address 0x0808 0000. The code *(uint8_t *)0x08080000 = data; is used to perform the writing once the memory is unlocked.

2 - The firmware writes at some other point in time a byte in EEPROM address 0x0808 0001 in the same manner.


Since the addresses 0x0808 0000 and 0x0808 0001 belong to the same word, is each of these mentioned addresses written twice or once?


In STM32L0 RM0377 reference manual it can be read:

which suggests me that the microcontroller hardware performs a read-modify-write operation on the 4 bytes of the same word. But here is where I am not sure.


The issue is important in my application to avoid coming near the max. endurance of the EEPROM (100K cycles)


Thanks in advance for your clarification.