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STM32F7xx Low MIPS issue (Dhrystone Benchmark)

Question asked by Shrikant Patel on Aug 7, 2017
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I am using STM32F767ZI development board. I have to run dhrystone benchmark to get the MIPS for my board.


1. I am generating the code using STM32cubeMx  and using MDK-ARM Keil for building and debugging the code.

2. Sysclk frequency = 215 MHz

3. I am getting only 145 MIPS for my board. 

4. I am also using TrueStudio for building and debugging and getting 158 MIPS.

How much MIPS are expected for STM32F7? (I think it is around 400)

What is the issue for getting LOW mpis?

Is there any specific toolchain available for ARM cortex M-7 ?

Is there any specific compiler flags or optimizations for ARM cortex M-7 ?