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stm32f4 Discovery UART Polling vs DMA Time

Question asked by Henrik Baum on Aug 5, 2017



I Have a Problem:
I want to transmit Midi signals using my Discovery board in DMA mode because I need the processing power during the transfer. Midi is based on UART meaning I am using the UART Peripheral. 
When I transfer a data chain the Data using Polling I can send out another Data chain directly afterwards. 
But when I use DMA and transfer a Data chain I have to wait about a 5th of a second before another one can be sent. 
And I need to be able to instantly send another chain of data if I have to. 

As a reference I am using the Preconfigured Initialization code generated by the Cube MX Hal. 

I would really appriciate it if someone could help me speed the DMA post processing or whatever is happening up. I wouldn't even know why such extensive post processing would need to happen. 1/5th of a second is quite a lot.


Greetings and Thanks