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PTP/USB controlling camera (STM32F4)

Question asked by chamkhi.haithem on Aug 5, 2017



I'm working on a project which should communicate with a camera (canon, Nikon ....) and should be able to get pictures from the camera through Usb port.

i search in the net for a way to do that and i found that the picture transfer protocol (PTP) is used for this purpose.


i have an STM32F4 Discovery board which include USB OTG connector and a Canon PowerShot SD3500 IS camera which should support the PTP protocol according to the canon website .


So my questions are : 


1/ I want to know if the STM32F4 Discovery board is able to get pictures from the camera using the PTP protocol  ?

2/ Is there any library or example to help me to figure out how to do that or even how to start the project ?

3/ Should i get an OTG cable to connect it to my camera ?


4/ Can i even go further and not just limit the project to get picture but even control the camera, like send an order to take a shot .... similar to the video here.


any help is greatly appreciated,