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STM32F4 USB HOST HID problem

Question asked by Saeed Saeed on Aug 4, 2017

I'm rather new in USB domain and I'm using ST std periph library and STM32_USB-Host-Device_Lib_V2.1.0 (and V2.2.0) on STM32F4 (my own board and STM32F407 Discovery). I've tested MSC host and it works fine but about HID host it doen't work on none of the boards. It detect the device (mouse, kbd, ...) and its speed but it doesn't proceed more. Actually it remains in HOST_CTRL_XFER state and doesn't complete the enumeration phase.

As the ST document says it's an intermediate stage that should be passed:



But for me it doesn't pass successfully. I've tested many things (new boards, new project, new library, new keyboard, debugging the project & ...) but in all cases it stops in the same stage.


Does anybody know what is my problem?