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STM32L4 hard faulting in BlueNRG stack

Question asked by Ricardo Hassan on Aug 3, 2017
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   I am building an application using an STM32L4 and a BLUENRG-MS.  I have an GATT server application that can happily connect and ping pong messages with a GATT client.  The client sends a ping on one characteristic, and my application sends a response on a different characteristic by doing a characteristic update.  After a while it seems that something changes on the client, and the characteristic update call leads to a hard fault on the STM32L4, while it is deep within the BlueNRG stack.  Can someone tell me what is happening?  Is there a way to tell if a characteristic is ready to be updated before actually doing so?  Is there a known issue in the BlueNRG stack that leads to hard faults?