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Question asked by Nikolay on Aug 4, 2017

Good day! i would like to ask how i can to create a FatFs layer on QuadSPI-Flash. I work with STM32F746NGH. The first i have created i user_diskio(file added in attach). I use BLOCK_SIZE 4096 bytes, because it's minimal erasable size for this flash, and then in the main function after FATFs_Init() i perform the next algorithm: a) i mount my logical disk on FatFS object, using  f_mount(&FileSystem, USER_Path, 0); b) i format my user_disk f_mkfs(USER_Path, 0, 0), but when when then this function occurs it's take place a long delay. After this i try to create fike on this disk f_open(&file, path, (FA_CREATE_ALWAYS|FA_WRITE))), but it's return a "FR_NO_FILESYSTEM". I think i created i right physical drive for QuadSPI-Flash, but rather i do wrong algorithm in initialize...