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STM32L0 standby mode current consumption optimization

Question asked by Rob Keck on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Imen D

Hello there.

I am currently developing a coin cell powered device with the STM32L051C8. The datasheet says in standby mode the consumption is about 0.27uA (270nA). My current board only consists of a Voltage Regulator which is rated to max. 300nA self consumption. So the optimum consumption for my device should be around 570-600nA. My current board has consumption of around 800-900nA. So my question: is there a option to optimize the current consumption on software side beside the standard standby entering procedure.

// Enter STBY Mode function.  
void HW_EnterLowPower() {

Thanks in advance,

kind regard, Rob.