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STM32F0 generate signal on TIM3 with DMA

Question asked by Alex Z on Aug 2, 2017

Hi All,

I am a newbie of STM32 developing. The board I am using is nucleo-f030R8. Right now I am trying to generate some pattern signals on timer3 like following waveform:

An interrupt enables tim3, channel 1 will wait 150 micro secs, then generate 2 pulses (150 micro secs and 200 micro secs). channel 2 will generate 2 pulse (200 micro secs and 250 micro secs)


I read the reference manual and "general-purpose timer cookbook", thought I might need to use DMA burst feature with tim3. I have tried with the example code on reference manual, but not know how to config for channel 2?

Or is there any good way to implement this? Please HELP!