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Not able to transmit or receive messages on CAN

Question asked by on Jul 31, 2017
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Hi all,


I am trying to initialize the FlexCAN1 module on the SPC570S40E1 micro. The CAN module looks like it is correctly initialized, but when I try to transmit using one of the MB's, the CAN Tx line shows no activity and remains in the default high state. Time Stamp and Code field of the MB is showing the correct updated values. An interrupt is generated as well. Any idea what may be causing this problem? 





I have initialized the pins as follows:

void Initialize_CAN_Pins(void)
     // FlexCAN Channel 1

     // RX --> PA12
     SIUL2.MSCR_MUX[513-512].B.SSS                =      PAL_SPC5_SSS(2);

     // TX --> PA13
     SIUL2.MSCR_IO[13].R                          =   PAL_MODE_OUTPUT_ALTERNATE(2);