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Difficulty Putting LSM303AGR to Sleep

Question asked by Jason Wilbee on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by Miroslav B



I am attempting to integrate the lsm303agr into an existing product and I am having difficulties bringing down the power consumption of the LSM303AGR to reasonable levels. As I understand it, the module should be consuming only around 3uA or so when idling, but I am seeing more like 300uA, which seems to be inline with power consumption while the magnetometer is taking measurements.


The steps I am taking to put the device into sleep mode are clearing the ODR[3:0] on CTRL_REG1_A which the datasheet indicates should put the accelerometer in power down mode and setting bits MD[1:0] in CFG_REG_A_M. After writing to these registers I read them back to confirm that the changes occur. For reference I am communicating with the module over I2C.


Are there any known bugs with sleep mode or possible gotchas that could be responsible with the issues I am seeing?