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Ac to DC convertor for IOT projects.

Question asked by kiran sharc on Jul 31, 2017

Hi Team, 


           I am new to this community and I just queried about the AC to DC convertor for IOT projects but I couldn't find any results.   Can you please help on below request.


I am looking for the AC to DC convertor  (Input : 90 to 230 V,  Output : 5V    Amps :  upto 300mA ) and I found number of ST Viper12 and Viper22 schematics but I couldn't find the SMPS transformer information (Core, Winding, etc..).  Actually I want to add my project and I need the complete information so that I can adapt to my project.  Can you please help or redirect me to exist thread.


Thanking  you in a Advance.