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Question asked by sekine sepessoon on Jul 31, 2017


i have a STMF407ZG

i want connect by it to mobile and send/receive data.

mobiles usb isnt otg and i use st otg port for connect.

i want send a simple number(int) to mobile and receive number from mobile.(simple send/recive between mobile and st)

i use STMCubeMX+IAR Embedded+Android studio

i have 3 problems.

1-levels in STMCubeMX for set otg port for this project

2-codes in IAR for this project.(simple code for send a number to port  and receive numbers from port)

3-program in android studio for send /receive usb port(simple form contain one text view for display  received numbers,and on edit text and button for write number and send to port)


use usb wire for relation between stm32 and mobile(attention:mobile isnt otg)


thanks for all