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stm32l053 USB VCP not getting detected

Question asked by spiritlingas on Jul 29, 2017
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                 I'm currently working on stm32l053 VCP. I've done a code to initialize & start VCP driver in stm32l053 and tested it using stm32l053-DISCO board, where it works fine. I can able to detect the com port in my pc(I've downloaded & installed the VCP driver from ST).


When i flash the same .bin file to my custom board i'm unable to detect the VCP in my pc. I've used the same circuit provided in the stm32l053-DISCO Schematic for my custom board. I can see voltage at USB point 4.95 V and MCU is powering on at 3.56V and Vdd USB at 3.46 V. I don't know what i'm missing in my custom board. Could anyone please help me with this issue.