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STSPIN32F0  low inductance bldc motor tuning

Question asked by Daniel Husztikd on Jul 31, 2017

I am using STSPIN32F0, wich has a maximum of 12kHz FOC freq. I am trying to drive a novoMotec motor, with the attached properties. 


Since the FOC FAQ states that "In the case of either a high-speed or low-inductance motor, you have to use a higher frequency; for example, 30 kHz." Does this means, that I can not drive the novoMotec motor at all, with the STSPIN32F0, or am I good with 24kHz? I attached the datasheet. 


I am trying to drive that motor, and I am always getting Start-up failure faults. I have attached the SystemDriveParams. According to the FAQ, I took the necessary steps, and it did not help. Which parameter did I tune wrong? 


I really need some help. 


Thank you!