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stm32F4 RTC wake up from standby with ALARM_A and ALARM_B

Question asked by David Lichterov on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2017 by David Lichterov

Hello all, 

I am trying to set 2 ALARMS that will wake up my MCU. I want to set ALARM A to wake up the MCU at time X and set ALARM B to wake up the MCU at time X+Y. When i set both of the ALARMS only the first ALARM works. I am able to get 2 alarms working if i set the first one and then after the MCU wakes up from standby i set the second one (in this case it works only if i set both of the ALARMS as ALARM A/ALARM B - doesnt work if i set it with ALARM A and after the wakeup as ALARM B). 

My question is is it possible to set ALARM A for time X and then set ALARM B for time X+Y and then wake up the MCU 2 times from standby mode, one time with the first ALARM and another time with the second ALARM ??