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CAN RX FIFO overflow handling in STM32F4 FW package V1.16.0

Question asked by theOne on Jul 27, 2017
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we recently updated one of our projects to the newest Firmware package and had to realize that receiving CAN Messages per Interrupt did not work reliably anymore. We were able to track the problem down to the fact that multiple STM32F4 controllers were communicating over the same bus, and when switching on the power supply some RX FIFOs registered an overflow before the messages could be handled.

So far we did not find a way to get rid of this problem without modifying the drivers (which would be annoying without end with cubeMX) and reverted to V1.15.0. Does anyone know a nice way to cope with the swich-on overflow while using the HAL_CAN_Receive_IT functions? As they enable the FOV interrupts whenever they are called and the HAL_CAN_IRQHandler automatically disables the interface when a FOV flag is set, we have no clue so far.



Tobias Schwering

Blacbird Technologies UG