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LSM6DS3US bootup delay

Question asked by purusothaman ramajothi on Jul 27, 2017
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I am "LSM6DS3US" sensor only for Gyroscope in I2C mode.


I have the following queries related to the Gyro:

1. After Power On is “20ms” delay needed for bootup procedure to load trimming parameters.Is this delay mandatory?
2. As per the document(AN4650) “the starting condition must be stable for at least 200 ms”. Is this describes I have to put the delay mandatory of 200ms(includes Power On/Power OFF) before reading the Gyroscope Data.
3. Also if I set the ODR to “52 HZ” do I need to discard the first two samples of Gyroscope Data in my application?
4. Shall I use the “BDU” feature to reduce the above delay in bootup procedure. What is the optimal way in reducing the delay and reading the Gyroscope?
5. If Possible share me some example code using I2C mode.



Purusothaman R