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UART IT problem with DMA

Question asked by yusuf yelkovan on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by sohaeng.lee

Hi ,


I'm using STM32F407 Discovery kit with CubeMX version 4.21.0 and Attolic TrueStudio as an IDE. Problem is not be able to receive UART interrupts while DMA is running. In my program I can receive ADC values and UART RX messages if I do not enabled UART interrupts. (for ex: __HAL_UART_ENABLE_IT(&huart2, UART_IT_IDLE)).When I enable UART interrupts, the program is running until the UART message is received, and then the program crashes. I coulden't find the reason. 


I would be grateful if you can help.