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ADC1 vs. ADC3 behavior

Question asked by Maor Avni on Jul 26, 2017
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I'm using STM32F427ZI with FreeRTOS.


I am configuring both ADC1 and ADC3 to run using DMA, but I'm getting different behavior between them. 

This is the configuration for ADC3, ADC1 is configuration the same:



ADC1 is configured to use DMA2 Stream 0, and ADC3 is configured to use DMA2 Stream 1.

This is configuration of DMA for ADC3. The configuration is the same for the DMA for ADC1.



After calling all init functions of the ADC and the DMA, I call the ADC Start DMA function:


result = HAL_ADC_Start_DMA(&hadc3, (uint32_t*)(adc3SamplesArray), 3);


If I call the function for ADC1, the DMA performs as expected and the callback is called.

If I call the function for ADC3, no call back is called, and the DMA doesn't seem to be doing anything.


What am I missing?