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L6470 get ABS_POS: 8th Bit always Low

Question asked by martinez.edgar on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by rice.robert.001
Hello ST!

We are using the L6470 and it is working quite well. 
But: We have problems when reading the ABS_POS register. It seems to be that the 8th Bit (for 128) is always Low. See Our values:

Go To Pos  Returned values 
 127      127
 128 0
 129 1
 255 127
 256 256
 383 383
 384 256
 385 257

and so on. seems that the 8th bit (of 22) for the value 128 is always low.
Is this a common issue? 
Does anyone have this problem too?
How to slove this?