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Startup kit for making Car's ECU

Question asked by Naronglit Wisetrojana on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by forchhammer.roger

Hi, I'm new with STM and I feel lost  about where to start with it.

As my subject, I would like to make my own Car's ECU.

First I would like to select the startup board.

I think I will choose SPC56M-Discovery

If there's any others model that more interesting please advice.


Second thing to download and debugging tools that I need

Software development is SPC5 Studio right? 

Where can I get users guide? (UM1602, DocID 024185)


I saw that Hightec GNU "C" compiler, with a 30-days full free trial license. 

How much it cost?


debugging tool(JTAG).. What I need to buy?


Thank you in advance,