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LIS3MDL always off by about 11.5 degrees

Question asked by winegar.keith on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2017 by David Koudela

LIS3MDL doc says take 16 bit signed Temperature Register values, divide by 8, and add 25 degrees C.   I get a value that is always about 11.5 degrees  warmer than what the ASM330LXH on the same board is reporting, and the ASM330LXH appears to be pretty close to actual room temperature.    Is it really a 25 degree offset? or should it be 12.5 degree offset?  value 0x0057 = 87;  87/8 = 10.875;  10.875 + 25 = 35.875 degrees C = 96.575 degrees F.  It just isn't that hot in here, and the two sensors are physically very close to each other.

Is this temperature measurement only useful for relative temperatures?