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STM32F7 power consumption in RESET mode? How to test?

Question asked by Naveen Raminedi on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2017 by Naveen Raminedi

Hello all,

Greetings for the day. Hope you all doing good.  


This is Naveen Raminedi from Bangalore India, i am a Embedded Hardware Engineer, me too having the same question as some of yours. "What is the STM32F7 current consumption in RESET mode"?


Datasheet did not have this information. By making NRST low and having VDD of 3.3V, need to know the current consumption of the IC (STM32F745VEH6).

I have tested practically and the results are as below:

1. At VDDA, current = 130uA and

2. At VDD, VBAT, VDD_USB current = 9.3mA.


However i am suspecting this results. I hope when system is in RESET mode current consumption should be low (my assumption, please correct me if am wrong). But here i am getting around 9.5mA current. Kindly suggest.


Please let me know, if you any one of you have faced same situation or already know how to deal this. or how to find the current consumption in system RESET mode.   It's nice to meet you all. Your support is greatly appreciable.

Thanks in advance.  


Regards Naveen Raminedi