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STM32F3 setting ADC trigger on HRTIM driven repetition IT event

Question asked by Primoz Novak on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2017 by AvaTar


i'm trying to set adc trigger for my STM32F3 mcu. I have high frequency HRTIM set up with repetition counter to get interrupt every few periods. That gives me fast PWM with interrupt in sync with PWM period but once per few periods. I managed to set up sequence analog read for 8 channel triggered by PWM period. I would like to change TRIGGER from every Period to every second, third etc. since there is not enough time to measure all adc channels every period.

I'm using STM HAL library but don't see any options regarding ADC triggers. I only found defines for HRTIM trigger on different compare units.

Thank you for your help