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BlueNRG-MS hardware error

Question asked by Tian wang on Jul 23, 2017

Hi all ,


    I used BlueNRG-MS found a problem , the MCU is freescale chip and used SPI communcation with BlueNRG-MS , but the MCU send the configuration information to BlueNRG-MS , start I could read 0x04 0xFF 0x03 0x01 0x00 0x01, and then write configuration information , but each only read 0x04 0x10 0x01 0x00 . is not the correct data .


This image is first read the data , and comparison of normal board data is correct .

This is every send configuration information , and read data , is always this data , but normal is not is data .


    Please tell me why is read this information ?  why reason could read this information ? How to modified my code could read the normal data . Thanks for your attention .