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Jumping to ST ROM Bootloader from user flash on STM32L073

Question asked by Dhanyakumar Hosamane on Jul 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Prasanna Rawke



STM32L073RZ supports dual bank mechanism. Dual-bank boot capability allowing to boot either from Bank 1 or Bank 2 at startup based on BOOT pins. However, I need to jump to system boot loader from user flash using simple address based mechanism to allow the user to upgrade new code on to flash memory.



BOOT0 pin tied to 0

Using BANK 1 flash memory



On jumping to system memory from BANK 1 Flash, control (PC) returns to BANK1 flash start address as code BANK1 code is not valid. But I wanted to control to stay in system bootloader to upgrade flash memory


Is there any way to jump to system boot loader from BANK1 user flash?