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LSM303AH - DRDY flag in STATUS_A register

Question asked by Torgeir Jakobsen on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by Petr S

The DRDY flag in the STATUS_A register does not seem to work. I am running the acellerometer at ODR =  100Hz, FIFO bypass mode, HR mode. Every time the STATUS_A register is read it outputs the value 65, the DRDY is the least significant bit and it is always set. It looks like the flag is never reset.

If I syncronize the magnetometer with the acellerometer running both at 100Hz and reading the acellerometer data after the magnetometer data (after DRDY pin set from magnetometer) it looks like I get reasonable acelleration data (new data each time).

Is there any trick to make the DRDY bit and STATUS_A register work as it should? On the LSM303AGR I did not get high resolution data when using the fifo. I guess there is another snag here on the LSM303AH where I probably have to use the fifo or do something else, I cannot see any detalis about this in the data sheet/manual.