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STM32F4Discover - Accurately time 8 inputs

Question asked by Daniel Kelly on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by andy b



Apologies ahead of time if my terminology isn't spot on, pretty new to this.


What I'm trying to do is accurately time LOW to HIGH events on 8 separate pins relative to each other. I've calculated that I need 32 bit timers to work at 84 Mhz, but need two timers to do so since each has 4 direct input capture channels. TIM2 and TIM5 are the only 32-bit timers on the STM32F4. 


Here are the problems I'm having:

1.   I'm having trouble synchronizing TIM2 and TIM5.

2.   It's possible each Channel on TIM2 is connected to the same pin as the Channels on TIM5. If this is true then I might not be able to use these two timers in this way.


Any weigh ins on these issues, or any advice generally is welcome!