SPWF01 to SPWF04 migration thread

Discussion created by Flow on Jul 20, 2017
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I want to use one firmware to control the SPWF01 and also the SPWF04 module. Maybe somebody has to do this, too. So it could be useful to collect some migration issues in one thread.


I will start with some questions...


HTTPGET command:

The SPWF01 module returns also the HTTP header. Is there a possibility to get this in the SPWF04 module?


Socket Server (AT+S.SOCKD command):

The SPWF01 has the AT+S.SOCKD command to enable  a socket server listening to a tcp or udp port. The server can be closed with the command AT+S.SOCKD = 0 <CR>. What is the equivalent function in the SPWF04 module? I can open a port with de AT+S.SOCKDON=xxxx, t command. To close the socket server I shall use AT+S.SOCKDC=<sid>. I can open and close the port, but I can't send data via TCP (e.g. with telnet or my app). What should I do to send data via telnet (e.g. telnet ipaddress tcpport)?


First Config

When I use the first config feature with the SPWF01, the module saves the network settings and connects to the network even after a reset. The SPWF04 module connects with the network, but it is scanning for networks after a reset. Where is my fault?