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CAN transmit Interrupt Not Working

Question asked by Alok Nigam on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by Erwan Y


I am working on SPC560B50x controller and trying to send CAN messages from the controller to the busmaster tool.
I am unable to hit CAN transmit ISR breakpoint, but messages transmitted through my controller is getting reflected in the busmaster tool.

CAN configuration is as follows-:

1) Using CAN channel 0.
2) Baudrate 500 kbps.
3) No FIFO being used.
4) Lowest Buffer transmitted first
5) Max Message Buffers used are 32 for all IMASK1 is enabled ( value given = 0xFFFFFFFF).
6) Bus Off, Error, Tx Warning, Rx Warning all are enabled.
7) All being done in the freeze mode.

In CAN_Transmit function I am setting appropriate code for transmission.
I am using 32 message buff to transmit 32 different data, same message ID over CAN bus and clearing all IFLAG1 after transmission.

Code snippet is attached.

Please help so that I may be able to hit the CAN transmit ISR breakpoint and I may proceed further.