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Technical doubts on STM32F765BI MCU

Question asked by Edwin kaus on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by Edwin kaus
We are using above mentioned device (STM32F765BI) MCU in customized board. I need some clarification on USB interfaces
1. How many Full speed & High speed USB interface available in this device .
2. As per reference manual it has two USB PHY (OTG FS and OTG HS), So can I use one USB interface in full speed & another USB interface in high speed mode without using any external phy (ULPI interfaced PHY).
3. some pins are conflicting with USB_ID,USB_VBUS & SOF pins, So I want to know whether these pins can be avoidable ( want to use both two USB interfaces) and corresponding setting can be done by software.
4. What is maximum possible frame size in both USB HS & FS modes